One House Artists

Brame & Hamo maintain their course through the end of 2019 with yet another huge release, this time on Maceo’s Plex’s Ellum Audio.

“Brame & Hamo continue to showcase their versatility with dancefloor-focused material, this time landing on Maceo Plex’s Ellum Audio imprint with their new single ‘It’s Time To’ featuring Anthony Acid.

Following their well received Feel My Bicep release, as well as the recent remix for Ninja Tune’s Counter Records imprint and their always reliable self-titled label releases, the Brame & Hamo are steadily unveiling more of their gripping sound profile. The new anthemic track builds on their diverse catalogue with a throwback house jam complete with dark, looped vocals, gritty acid stabs and banging percussion. The track’s been a favorite for Maceo Plex in recent months, and it’s easy to why.”

Listen here