One House Artists

Photo by Marc Prodanovic

Hidden away in the trees, overlooking the shores of Gremmin Lake, was Forest Stage. Small and intimate, it felt like being at a different festival altogether, bright and colourful compared to the industrial structures beyond the woodland. When the up-and-coming South Korean artist Park Hye Jin played on Sunday evening, the clearing was bathed in a turquoise haze, with flags and flashing casino signs decorating the stage. Unfortunately, the sound fell flat, but nevertheless she impressed with grooving percussive cuts like Silversix’s “Mongo Man” and a couple of tracks from her own IF U WANT IT EP. Deftly flicking her wrist to execute each tight transition, she went darker and harder in the final 30 minutes. The next day, I saw a post on Instagram in reaction to her set: “Santa is real!”

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