One House Artists

“The Greenhouse stage is one of Dekmantel’s shining lights. With its lush ferns, wooden floor and glass sides, it’s the most welcoming stage on site when the sun is shining. At 3pm on Friday afternoon, Byron The Aquarius made his Dekmantel debut. We were expecting big things from the Alabama native after his Impact mix for us earlier this year and we weren’t let down. The man who only learned to mix three years ago proceeded to roll out a set of jazzy deep house big on groove and swing. Fulbert’s ‘Take It Easy’ and ‘Quartier Sex’ by Mad Rey were among the highlights but it was the beautifully optimistic keys of Mood II Swing’s ‘Ohh’ that captured the vibe of the day. It was so nice he even played it twice.”

Larry Heard aka Mr Fingers was always going to draw in a huge crowd for his live show at the Main Stage and rightfully so. We caught a bit of the house music legend and while we enjoyed it, we were in the mood for some bite, some spank and some fucking rowdy pace. As you know by now, Dekmantel offers a bit of everything at every stage but it was a no-brainer for us as to who would provide the fury. DJ Bone, the Detroit staple turned in one of the feistiest hours of power of the whole festival, ramming out the stage in the corner of the site. 130bpm was of course the bare minimum and he rattled through classics by Robert Hood, Gary Beck and more. His spangly banger ‘Detroit Is Hard’ was our favourite and he also proved that he is undeniably, extremely hard too.”

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