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An absolute pleasure to get this lovely mix from our friend from across the ocean. We had the pleasure of playing with the Portuguese, London-based DJ, record collector and radio show host last summer at our Dimensions boat party and since then have been wishing and praying for a mix!

In her always eclectic-minded sets Mafalda can play anything from forgotten soulful gems to more modern hip-hop, electronic, R&B jams but the influence from Sunny coast of Portugal is never too far!

This mix, focused on Brasilian gems, is perfect for the beach or the park.

Mafalda: “This mix is an ode to the sea. I wanted to have done this mix a few months ago, as you know, and the urgency just kept growing, as I’m not sure when I will see it again! It’s an ode to the sea – the Atlantic Ocean and all the people I love across it.”

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