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ex-terrestrial’s debut LP is named in Groove’ album of the month for November, translated interview below:

“With sugar-sweet breaks and oh-so-beautiful mellow vibes, ex-Terrestrial will soon welcome you on the first track of his new album Gamma Infolded. The adjective smooth inevitably springs to mind, and this will also spread throughout the life of the album again and again in the mind of each recipient aufpoppen. Because the LP affects very different genres, but never loses on their journey and above all never their (right!) Smoothness. From title to title, more and more different predicates are added. The four-minute 90 BPM Schunkler “Awaken, Arise” with exciting retro sound design gives itself melodic and atmospheric. Quite different but then “Gguunngg”, that sounds like a former Aphex Twin on too much amphetamine. Whether the native Canadian has enough of his homeland or wants to kidnap Boards Of Canada, is not very clear on “Bored Of Canada”. With the silly track shows the NAFF co-operator of his carefree side. The last four tracks are trippy and show with great elegance how coherent the album is. If you ever wanted to know how Autechre, Aphex Twin and Alec Empire sounded together, you should not miss this release.”

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