One House Artists

Check Debonair’s eclectic mix! Up there for 2019’s best.

“I connect to sound more when it’s sneaky and creeps up on you,” the London DJ DEBONAIR (aka Debi Ghose) has said, and her Resident Advisor podcast is nothing if not surreptitious. From its first minutes, it’s clear that strange forces are afoot: A man’s ASMR-inducing whisper initiates a guided meditation; an eerie, sing-song loop promises “another day.” DEBONAIR snakes her way through slowed-down rave edits and nimble ambient dub, and she doesn’t drop a four-to-the-floor pulse until 30 minutes in; even then, the mix remains streaked with industrial accents. Just when you’d expect it to peak, it slows down not once but twice, then gathers steam for a rattling noise-techno climax before collapsing in a heap. Shriekback’s 1982 funk-punk classic “All Lined Up” makes for a canny ending, its blend of dance and doom perfectly summing up the set. 

Listen to the mix here