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Close to completion of his debut solo project, Subculture was served a 2 weeks notice on his Brixton studio. It seemed as if everything was once again about to go up in smoke as he scrambled to find a new studio space fast.

After changing studios 7 times, he coined the term ’nomadic production’ to describe what his life sometimes feels like. Studio spaces are often sanctified by the records made inside of them. Electric Lady & Abbey Road have near religious significance for millions of musicians around the world. But for Subculture there is a lot to be gained from not staying in one place.

Growing up in North London, Subculture and much of his family are travellers. Drawing on his heritage of North African and Middle Eastern hospitality, Subculture puts a massive emphasis on creating a warm and comfortable environment in his studio, which has become crucial in his approach to song craft.

Whilst the musical experience developed, his entrepreneurial spirit followed him to university where he started up the club night ‘Twisted Hearts Club’, developing a reputation as a DJ comfortable jumping between House, Baile Funk, Dancehall & Hip Hop.

What followed has been several years of working, refining and collaboration. He linked up with rapper Hypeman Sage to form Subculture Sage; his best friend Ariel Cohen to set up Twisted Hearts Records and Tertia May to produce both of her debut EPs. He has spent these years diving deep into the world of obscure record collecting growing a collection of rare Jazz, Hip Hop and Punk/Psych Rock vinyl that speak to his soul and fill every corner of the new project, I DREAM OF EVERYTHING.

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