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Chicago house originator Mike Dunn has been making and playing music for over three decades. In the mid-’80s Mike started out DJing block parties near his home in Englewood, Chicago – he describes experimenting in those early days with disco, funk, soul and the parties that gave birth to the proto-house tracks for which Chicago would become famous.

I was one of the first cats bringing two reel-to-reels and spinning with them at the parties. I was bringing out two Pioneer 707s, doing the Hummingbird, Jacks, The Courtyard, etc. I’d bring a drum machine, too. I would make tracks right then as the party was going. Way before my guys Daft Punk and all of them were doing live gigs... A lot of my early tracks came from me doing them at the party.

Now thirty years on Mike can lay claim to one of the most dynamic and far reaching personal histories in dance music. Cutting his teeth in Chicago alongside his contemporaries Larry Heard and Ron Hardy and later producing and engineering for other Chicago artists Armando, Fast Eddie and K-Alexi Shelby. Throughout the 90s Mike released with labels across the US and worked extensively with other producers and vocalists.

Mike’s distinctive vocal delivery and trademark hip-house & acid production style are evident on tracks like ‘Let It Be House’, ‘Magic Feet’ and “Face the Nation”, and across his discography as Mike Dunn and also under aliases such as MD Connection, MDIII and QX-1. More recently re-releases of ‘Phreaky MF’ and ‘God Made Me Phunky’ on Robsoul and Defected respectively have confirmed their status as two of the most recognisable House tracks in the history of the genre.

After a long absence from DJing in Europe Mike spent 2015 and 2016 playing extensively at clubs like Panorama Bar, Fabric, Concrete and Sub Club, and at festivals like Glastonbury, 51st State and Farr. In 2017 Mike has an EP and an album, and continuing plans for his MD Edits series with Disco and Funk cuts from his personal vault – 2017 is also the 30 year anniversary of Mike’s first release ‘Dance You Mutha’.

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