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A multi-genre producer, artist and DJ with fans and peers in the likes of CRACK, DJ Mag, Mixmag, Resident Advisor, Complex and more, LCY (fka L U C Y) started 2020 with a bang making her biggest statement yet as she lost the mask and changed her name to LCY – dropping alongside the news an exclusive EP release under the same moniker LCY, that sampled songs from the L U C Y catalogue. 

The new alias reflects a shift in the producers sonics and visuals that will see her focus on the darker, more percussive side of electronic music and continue to expand and explore her artistic visual identity – revealing her face for the first time as an artist since she was 16.

In 2019 she solidified her place as a key proponent of UK underground music and culture with the launch of her label SZNS7N. In its first year alone, it released an impressive plethora of intoxicating and innovative releases spanning all corners of electronic, bass and club music from the likes of Yazzus, Lijah, Tailor Jae, Traces, MUHLA, Raheim, Kyri Michael, zonae and more. Operating in an incredible melting pot of DIY UK talent, the label sets out to continuously push innovative music and visual art with a big focus on creative collaboration – most recently releasing her own Project Ghost EP, the last under her L U C Y alias. 

2020 is set to be a huge year for this young artist whose genuine passion for sonic and visual experimentation continues to grow and influence those around her.

Latest news

Image from latest news: Hodge with LCY on Rinse FM

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