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With recent standout releases on Mule Musiq,  Secretsundaze and his own Soul People Music that have continued to build on a decade’s output on numerous revered labels such as трип, Osgut Ton, Music Man, Workshop, Underground Quality, Strength Music among others. Fred’s music has a uniquely deep style and texture;  calm and thoughtful, while also capable of sending the dancefloor into an unbridled frenzy.  All of these sounds are created under the umbrella of Fred’s positive philosophy of love, life and rhythm – believing that music is a universal language capable of bringing everyone together under groove and vibration. A worldview no doubt borne out of Fred’s upbringing in Flatbush, Brooklyn where he experienced music and parties spanning R&B, Rock, Electro, Hip-Hop and Disco through the musical communities he was surrounded by.

As a DJ, Fred occupies his own space. His ability to weave tracks into a journey across seemingly timeless hours, with a variety of mixing styles at his disposal, is unarguably unique. He can moves seamlessly between long flowing mixes and syncopated transitions to move the dancefloor at his will and create a truly immersive dance experience. His outstanding DJing has earned him the deep respect of his peers and many of the most highly regarded clubs around the world. 2018 and 2019 are set to be big years for Fred with a number of ambitious new projects in development.

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