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26 years after the release of their self-titled classic NYC deep house cut, Dream 2 Science perform live for the first time ever…

A revelation – deep, soulful and hard-grooving, it calls to mind the masterful work of Larry Heard, and deserves to be considered a classic not just of house, but of electronic soul at large.

—Fact Mag

Prior to its re-issue on Rushour in 2012, the Dream 2 Science 6-tracker stood as something of a legendary lost treasure for true house heads the world over, with first edition copies trading hands for outrageous sums of money. Rush Hour lovingly brought the hidden gem to life for a community of music aficionados young and old, but few could have dreamed that this seminal music would ever be performed live.

Brought to you by the same trio behind the pioneering 80s electro-funk and hip-hop outfit Newcleus, Cozmo D, Lady E and Gregg ‘G4’ Fore will bring life to this classic record for the first time ever. The prospect is tantalizing, ripping 303 baselines, soaring vocals, and the unmistakable raw aesthetic of the early 90s brought to you by the true originators themselves. In their own words it’s going to be “smooth, deep, laid back and hella sexy.”

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