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We are incredibly excited to announce that we have taken on a producer who has been making serious waves in New York and around the US. Also playing under the moniker DJ Python, over a number of productions Wey has demonstrated himself to be a particularly versatile producer – whether it is hazy low-fi house and techno, ambient or breakbeat, everything so far has been absolute gold. We are really excited to be working with Wey on his first ever EU tour in 2017 – with big releases on 1080p and Exotic Dance records set for later this year.

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Image from latest news: DJ Wey remixes Steevio on new EP

DJ Wey remixes Steevio on new EP

Steevio, the modular synth artist and cofounder of Freerotation festival, sounds nothing like Shackleton, STL or, say, Mr. G, but…