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Putting together one of the most revered music blogs on the internet while still at university is no mean feat. But Aaron Levitt, one of two co-founders of Stamp The Wax has done just that – the blog now with eight members of staff and over 30 regular contributors has set a new gold standard for music blogs in the worlds of underground, electronic and alternative music. Aside from being a goldmine of articles on a range of music genres and music culture STW has also been instrumental in breaking a variety of artists in the UK and abroad and has established itself as a key tastemaker.

More than five years on from the inception of the blog Aaron is working closely with Gilles Peterson developing the new Worldwide FM online radio platform, overseeing scheduling and marketing and hosting his own monthly show. Aaron brings the same curatorial insight to his DJing as he does to his work as a broadcaster, journalist and editor.

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Image from latest news: Deep Waves: Interview with Aaron L

Deep Waves: Interview with Aaron L

Aaron L interview for DeepWaves, a new music platform that asks guest to unpack their inspirations, influences and interests. Chatting about how Stamp…